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NASDAQ_WDSAXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WSCJXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_WSCOXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EVSAXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EVSIXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EVSRXAllspring Disciplined US Core Fund - R6
NASDAQ_EKOAXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_EOMYXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_EKOCXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_EKONXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_WFSTXAllspring Discovery Innovation - A
NASDAQ_WFTCXAllspring Discovery Innovation - C
NASDAQ_WFTIXAllspring Discovery Innovation - I
NASDAQ_WECDXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_WECCXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_WFCIXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_WECRXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - R6
NASDAQ_SENAXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_SEPKXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_WENCXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_WENRXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - R6
NASDAQ_EGWAXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_EGWDXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_EGWCXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_EGRYXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_EGWRXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - R6
NASDAQ_WFDAXAllspring Discovery SMID Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_WFDDXAllspring Discovery SMID Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_WDSCXAllspring Discovery SMID Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_WFDSXAllspring Discovery SMID Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_EKBDXAllspring Diversified Capital Builder Fund Administrator Class
NASDAQ_EKBAXAllspring Diversified Capital Builder Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EKBCXAllspring Diversified Capital Builder Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EKBYXAllspring Diversified Capital Builder Fund Insti Class
NASDAQ_EKSDXAllspring Diversified Income Builder Fund Administrator Class
NASDAQ_EKSAXAllspring Diversified Income Builder Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EKSCXAllspring Diversified Income Builder Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EKSRXAllspring Diversified Income Builder Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_EQIRXAllspring Emerg Mkt Equity Income Fund - R6
NASDAQ_WFGDXAllspring Emerging Growth Fd Administrator Cl
NASDAQ_WEGRXAllspring Emerging Growth Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_EMGDXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Fund - R6
NASDAQ_EMGYXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_EMGCXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EMGNXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EQIDXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_EQIAXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EQICXAllspring Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EMGAXAllspring Emerging Markets Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WSMAXAllspring Fd Short-Term Municipal Bond Class A
NASDAQ_WUSTXAllspring Fd Ultra Short-Term Income Class C
NASDAQ_WEMAXAllspring Fd, Emerging Growth A
NASDAQ_WEMCXAllspring Fd, Emerging Growth C
NASDAQ_WEMIXAllspring Fd, Emerging Growth Inst
NASDAQ_WFITXAllspring Fd, Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free Admin Cl
NASDAQ_WFTAXAllspring Fd, Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free Cl A
NASDAQ_WFTFXAllspring Fd, Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free Cl C
NASDAQ_WITIXAllspring Fd, Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free Inst Cl
NASDAQ_WLCAXAllspring Fd, Large Company Value A
NASDAQ_WFLVXAllspring Fd, Large Company Value C
NASDAQ_WLCIXAllspring Fd, Large Company Value Inst
NASDAQ_WMBIXAllspring Fd, Municipal Bond Inst
NASDAQ_WSBIXAllspring Fd, Short-Term Municipal Bond Inst
NASDAQ_WSCGXAllspring Fd, Small Company Growth Inst
NASDAQ_WFUSXAllspring Fd, Ultra Short-Term Municipal Income C
NASDAQ_WFCMXAllspring Fds Tr, Corebuilder Shares Series M
NASDAQ_XEODXAllspring Global Dividend Opportunity Fund
NASDAQ_WGCAXAllspring Global Investment Grade Credit - Class A
NASDAQ_WGCCXAllspring Global Investment Grade Credit - Class C
NASDAQ_WGCIXAllspring Global Investment Grade Credit Fund Class I
NASDAQ_WGCRXAllspring Global Investment Grade Credit Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_ASGCXAllspring Global Long/Short Equity Fund - C
NASDAQ_AGAZXAllspring Global Long/Short Equity Fund - Institutional Class
NASDAQ_AGAQXAllspring Global Long/Short Equity Fund Class A
NASDAQ_AGAWXAllspring Global Long/Short Equity Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_SGVIXAllspring Government Securities Fd Institutional Cl
NASDAQ_WGSDXAllspring Government Securities Fund Admin Cl
NASDAQ_WGSCXAllspring Government Securities Fund Class C
NASDAQ_SGRKXAllspring Growth Fd Admin Cl
NASDAQ_SGRHXAllspring Growth Fund - R6
NASDAQ_SGRAXAllspring Growth Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WGFCXAllspring Growth Fund Class C
NASDAQ_SGRNXAllspring Growth Fund Insti Cl
NASDAQ_WHTXXAllspring Heritage Money Market Service Cl
NASDAQ_EKHYXAllspring High Yield Bond Fund Admin
NASDAQ_EKHAXAllspring High Yield Bond Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EKHCXAllspring High Yield Bond Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EKHIXAllspring High Yield Bond- Institutional
NASDAQ_WHYMXAllspring High Yield Municipal Bond Fd A
NASDAQ_WHYDXAllspring High Yield Municipal Bond Fd Admin
NASDAQ_WHYCXAllspring High Yield Municipal Bond Fd Class C
NASDAQ_WHYIXAllspring High Yield Municipal Bond Fd Inst
NASDAQ_EKHRXAllspring High Yield Municipal Bond Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_WSIAXAllspring Income Plus Fund A
NASDAQ_WSIDXAllspring Income Plus Fund Admin
NASDAQ_WSICXAllspring Income Plus Fund C
NASDAQ_WSINXAllspring Income Plus Fund I
NASDAQ_WFAIXAllspring Index Asset Allocation Fund Class Admin
NASDAQ_WFALXAllspring Index Asset Allocation Fund Class C
NASDAQ_WFIOXAllspring Index Fund Admin Cl

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