Sunday Dec 8, 3:59PM EST

AMEX Stocks - Extreme Winners

NSPR.WS.BInspireMD, Inc. Series B Warrants, exercisable for one share of common stock (Expiring March 14, 2022) (AMEX)0.00560.002160.00%
MNIMcclatchy (AMEX)0.5000000.13679937.66%
MTNBMartinas Biopharma Holdings, Inc (AMEX)1.940.3925.16%
BRNBarnwell Industries, Inc (AMEX)0.54940.069414.46%
UUUU.WSEnergy Fuels, Inc WTS (AMEX)0.840.0912.00%
NAVBNavidea, Inc (AMEX)0.99000.092610.32%
TATTransatlantic Petroleum (AMEX)0.49330.046110.31%
VNRXVolitionRX Ltd (AMEX)4.620.347.94%
ZOMZomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp (AMEX)0.37490.02497.11%
REIRing Energy, Inc (AMEX)

AMEX Stocks - Extreme Losers

LODEComstock Mining, Inc (AMEX)0.3599-0.0801-18.20%
ELMDElectromed, Inc (AMEX)8.4744-1.4756-14.83%
ACYAeroCentury Corp (AMEX)5.45-0.50-8.40%
ASMAvino Silver & Gold Mines (AMEX)0.529399-0.040801-7.16%
VGZVista Gold Corp (AMEX)0.6698-0.0462-6.45%
CANFCAN-Fite Biopharma Ltd ADR (AMEX)3.6300-0.2400-6.20%
BPMXBioPharmX Corp (AMEX)0.3979-0.0233-5.53%
NNVCNanoviricides, Inc (AMEX)2.3627-0.1373-5.49%
AUMNGolden Minerals Co (AMEX)0.2799-0.0151-5.12%
AXUAlexco Resource (AMEX)1.92-0.10-4.95%

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