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NASDAQ_WTRXXAllspring 100% Treasurey Money Market Admin Cl
NASDAQ_RRAXXAllspring 100% Treasury Money Market - Roberts & Ryan
NASDAQ_WFTXXAllspring 100% Treasury Money Market A Shares
NASDAQ_WOTXXAllspring 100% Treasury Money Mkt -Institutional
NASDAQ_WTPXXAllspring Fd, Treasury Plus Money Market Admin
NASDAQ_RRTXXAllspring Treasury Plus Money Market - Roberts & Ryan
NASDAQ_PISXXAllspring Treasury Plus Money Market Class I
NASDAQ_PRVXXAllspring Treasury Plus Money Market Class Service
NASDAQ_PIVXXAllspring Treasury Plus Money Market Fd Class A
NASDAQ_WTLXXAllspring Treasury Plus Money Market Fund Select Class
NASDAQ_RNRXXAllspring Government Money Market - Roberts & Ryan
NASDAQ_WFGXXAllspring Government Money Market Class A
NASDAQ_GVIXXAllspring Government Money Market Class I
NASDAQ_WGAXXAllspring Government Money Market Fd Administrator Cl
NASDAQ_WFFXXAllspring Government Money Market Fund - Select
NASDAQ_AGTXXAllspring Government Money Market Fund - Tribal Inclusion
NASDAQ_NWGXXAllspring Government Money Market Fund Cl S
NASDAQ_MMIXXAllspring National Tax Free Money Market Class Service
NASDAQ_WFNXXAllspring National Tax-Free Money Market Fund - Premier Class
NASDAQ_WNTXXAllspring National Tax-Free Money Market Fund Admin Cl
NASDAQ_NWMXXAllspring National TF Money Market Cl A
NASDAQ_WMPXXAllspring Money Market Fund - Premier Class
NASDAQ_STGXXAllspring Money Market Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WMOXXAllspring Money Market Service Cl
NASDAQ_WFJXXAllspring Heritage MMF - Select
NASDAQ_SHIXXAllspring Heritage Money Fd Inst Cl
NASDAQ_SHMXXAllspring Heritage Money Fund Admin Cl
NASDAQ_NWTXXAllspring 100% Treasury Money Market Fund Cl S
NASDAQ_WARDXAllspring Absolute Return Fd Admin Cl
NASDAQ_WARAXAllspring Absolute Return Fd Cl A
NASDAQ_WARCXAllspring Absolute Return Fd Cl C
NASDAQ_WABIXAllspring Absolute Return Fd Inst
NASDAQ_WARRXAllspring Absolute Return-R6
NASDAQ_ESAAXAllspring Adjustable Rate Government Cl A
NASDAQ_ESADXAllspring Adjustable Rate Government Fund Administrator Class
NASDAQ_ESACXAllspring Adjustable Rate Government Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EKIZXAllspring Adjustable Rate Government Fund Insti
NASDAQ_WRPRXAllspring Alternative Risk Premia Class R6
NASDAQ_WRPIXAllspring Alternative Risk Premia Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EAIFXAllspring Asset Allocation Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_EAAFXAllspring Asset Allocation Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EACFXAllspring Asset Allocation Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EAAIXAllspring Asset Allocation Inst Class
NASDAQ_SFCCXAllspring California Limited Term Tax Free Fund Class C
NASDAQ_SCTIXAllspring California Limited Term Tax-Free Fd Admin Cl
NASDAQ_SFCIXAllspring California Limited Term Tax-Free Fund Class A
NASDAQ_SFCNXAllspring California Ltd Tm Tax-Free- Institutional
NASDAQ_SCTAXAllspring California Tax Free Fund Class A
NASDAQ_SGTIXAllspring California Tax Free- Institutional
NASDAQ_SGCAXAllspring California Tax-Free Admin Cl
NASDAQ_SCTCXAllspring California Tax-Free Fund Class C
NASDAQ_SCSAXAllspring Common Stock Fd Cl A
NASDAQ_SCSRXAllspring Common Stock Fund - R6
NASDAQ_SCSDXAllspring Common Stock Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_STSAXAllspring Common Stock Fund Class C
NASDAQ_SCNSXAllspring Common Stock Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_WCIIXAllspring Conservative Income Fund - Inst
NASDAQ_WCIAXAllspring Conservative Income Fund A2
NASDAQ_MBFAXAllspring Core Bond Fd A
NASDAQ_MNTRXAllspring Core Bond Fd Admin
NASDAQ_MBFCXAllspring Core Bond Fd C
NASDAQ_MBFIXAllspring Core Bond Fd Inst
NASDAQ_WTRIXAllspring Core Bond Fd R6
NASDAQ_WIPDXAllspring Core Plus Bond Fund Administrator Class
NASDAQ_STYAXAllspring Core Plus Bond Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WFIPXAllspring Core Plus Bond Fund Class C
NASDAQ_WIPIXAllspring Core Plus Bond Fund Inst Class
NASDAQ_STYJXAllspring Core Plus Bond Fund-R6
NASDAQ_NVSOXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_WDSAXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Class A
NASDAQ_WSCJXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Class R6
NASDAQ_WSCOXAllspring Disciplined Small Cap Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EVSYXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Admin Class
NASDAQ_EVSAXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Class A
NASDAQ_EVSTXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Class C
NASDAQ_EVSIXAllspring Disciplined U.S. Core Fund Institutional Class
NASDAQ_EVSRXAllspring Disciplined US Core Fund - R6
NASDAQ_EKOAXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_EOMYXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_EKOCXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_EKONXAllspring Discovery All Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_WFSTXAllspring Discovery Innovation - A
NASDAQ_WFTDXAllspring Discovery Innovation - Administrative
NASDAQ_WFTCXAllspring Discovery Innovation - C
NASDAQ_WFTIXAllspring Discovery Innovation - I
NASDAQ_STAEXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_WECDXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_WECCXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_WFCIXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_WECRXAllspring Discovery Large Cap Growth - R6
NASDAQ_SENAXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_SEPKXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_WENCXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_WFEIXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_WENRXAllspring Discovery Mid Cap Growth - R6
NASDAQ_EGWAXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - A
NASDAQ_EGWDXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - Admin
NASDAQ_EGWCXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - C
NASDAQ_EGRYXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - I
NASDAQ_EGWRXAllspring Discovery Small Cap Growth - R6

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