IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)Currencies › CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN (@HY) Entry Signal
@HY.U24Sep 2024110.050110.050110.050110.0500.0000.00%00:00
@HY.Z24Dec 2024108.63108.63108.63108.630.000.00%00:00
@HY.H25Mar 2025107.44107.44107.44107.440.000.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN JUN 24/MAR 25-3.69-3.69-3.69-3.6900.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN JUN 24/SEP 24-1.29-1.29-1.29-1.2900.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN JUN 24/DEC 24-2.5-2.5-2.5-2.500.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN SEP 24/MAR 25-2.4-2.4-2.4-2.400.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN SEP 24/DEC 24-1.21-1.21-1.21-1.2100.00%00:00
@[email protected]CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN DEC 24/MAR 25-1.19-1.19-1.19-1.1900.00%00:00
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